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with Beverly Williams
Publisher - Senior Year Magazine and
Owner - Chuck Williams Photography 

Are you ready to make some changes to your business?  One on one mentoring may be just the help you need.  Beverly mentors photographers in several areas

to help them be more profitable, get more clients and work smarter.

I am the creator of Senior Year Magazine and I love to help photographers be successful.  I mentor photographers all across the country on the following business related topics:

In Person Sales

Pricing For Profit


Model Rep Programs

Marketing your business

Products that Sell, how to price them and where to get them

How to Book a session - What to say, how to say it and how to book a session 

How to get people to schedule and attend their Ordering Appointments

and More

Check out a few of the testimonials below.  If you are interested in knowing more about mentoring, visit our "ABOUT" page.  You can also reach out to Beverly on FB for details on how to get started or can contact us on our "CONTACT" page

Season Dixon

Season Dixon Photography

Eau Claire, Wisonsin



I entered 2018 completely insecure about my photography. I was severely undervaluing myself and my business. I worried about raising prices and losing customers...


I was editing and selling 40+ digitals and making about $165-300 a session. As a stay at home mom, this was draining! Pouring ALL my energy into my business and making near nothing. I was unsure how to transition into IPS (In-Person Sales) and Products.


I found Beverly and this group at the perfect time in my career! I can not thank Beverly enough for this page and individual mentoring! I have started to implement her lessons to my business and create a structured business plan!


I finally feel like I have value, support and an opportunity for a successful business. Beverly has helped me restructure my pricing, collections and products.


I am proud to say I have already booked 4 Seniors with these prices for 2019! I am anxious to have my first IPS meeting with these clients!


I am confident that Beverly has put me back on the "right path" to success! She sincerely cares and her mentoring sessions are life changing! I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Bobbi Bryant

Shots by Bobbi

Poquoson, Virginia



I just had my first mentoring call with Beverly and let me tell you ..she’s BRILLIANT!! She shared with me her business structure and was so encouraging I feel like I can take my business to a whole new level.


I can’t wait to implement all the wonderful things she’s taught me. This is going to be life changing and I owe it all the Beverly. Thank you so much Beverly for sharing with me in one hour your business structure that I’m sure took you years to do. You’re fantastic!!!!

Maria Marchal

Maria Marchal Photography

Louisville, Kentucky


Beverly Williams is the bomb!! I’ve been working with her as my mentor for about a month now and am so impressed in her genuine interest in helping me really get my senior photography business going.


Beverly has helped me create a new pricing guide as I try to reach a new clientele. Her help in starting my model team program has been amazing. With her help I’ve designed a program that benefits the models and allows for exposure for my business.


Her ideas in reaching out to possible clients outside of my own circle of friends are pure genius.


Beverly continues to push me out of my comfort zone in order to become a better photographer and business person. Her quick responses to my questions help keep my momentum going and she is so willing to help in every aspect of the business, from helping me correct my images to helping me create a phone script for my potential clients.


Every penny I have spent with Beverly has been a great investment. If you want to improve your high school senior business, Beverly will help you tremendously.

Deb Wesley

Deb Wesley Photography

Chicago, Illinois


An hour with Beverly will be focused on your exact needs with no fluff.


She'll be honest and straightforward on what specifically you need to do/change to improve your bottom line, or whatever your goal is.


I look forward to trying out her ideas in my business!

Leslie Gilbert

Gilbert Photography



I did a mentoring with Beverly and she's the bomb.

I highly recommend her if you need a boost or specific direction etc.


You can tell Beverly came from the corporate world as she is no BS but very kind at the same time. I love her.


This is exactly what I needed trying to get out of a rut. I changed a lot of my pricing strategy after talking to her and I'm standing my ground with confidence.


I can already see a difference in the checks coming in. If you want to make changes that will work and see an immediate difference, go for it.

Kristi Pennington

Kristi Pennington Photography

Dallas, Texas



I feel so incredibly thankful that I met Beverly Trainer Williams at a conference two years ago. The very first time I met her she made a lasting impression on me. She was so knowledgeable, honest, kind and generous!


I recently got to a point where I knew that I really needed a mentor and that it was past time to make some definite changes in my business and how I was doing things. I wanted someone I could trust and who had the experience to give me solid advice. Probably like most of you,  my business really started as a hobby. It has grown very slowly over the years, as I was only investing in it very part time due to the age and needs of my own children. But in the last couple years, things started to pick up.  Before I knew it, I had more inquiries and bookings than I expected. I knew then, that I needed help!!


Pricing, putting together my collections, and how to run my IPS appointments successfully, was something that was stressing me out big time!!  I was not confident in the way I had put any of it together. After gaining some momentum last year I also realized I was giving away WAY too much for what I was charging.


Beverly Williams to the rescue! She has been an invaluable mentor and helped me with everything from scheduling, to pricing and SO much more!! The confidence I have gained from working with Beverly is priceless!!


Beverly has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this crazy and ever changing business that will change the way you do business!


Don’t put it off!! If you’re considering hiring a mentor, Beverly Williams is THE BEST!!

Catherine List

Catherine List Photography

Tomahawk, Wisconsin


When I first approached Beverly about a mentoring session I thought I needed help with what to offer in my packages. But, what I really needed help in was my pricing and at the time didn’t even know it!!


I am incredibly indecisive so I never knew what to offer in my packages. Beverly laid out a plan for me to get my pricing in order and that was the start of a new beginning. You can’t work on anything else in your business until you have your pricing set in stone.


The two mentoring sessions I had with Beverly helped me tremendously and I have a whole new outlook on my business.


In the very short time since our session I have already made more in the past few weeks than I did last year in my first 6 months of business!


I cannot thank Beverly enough for her help and continued guidance!!”

Hadonica Murphy

Hadonica's Photography

Cleveland, Mississippi



During my mentoring session Beverly was very helpful and honest, she knew that I was scared to try new things to get new followers on Facebook and Instagram and she helped me overcome that.


While my prices were where I wanted them to be I often gave discounts, during the mentoring session she reminded me of why my family and I were worth it, why it wasn't fair to discount everything to everyone.


During our mentoring session I only had 9 clients booked for the year. She educated me on marketing and I now have 32 booked for the remainder of the year and 3 bookings for next year.


I don't think I would have been able to do this without the extra push. For that Beverly I want to thank you.  Thank you for always being there, thank you for being a counselor when I needed help, especially when I didn't think I was worth it. 

Missy Beeks-Cornell

MJ Portrait Design

Lafayette, Indiana

I love Beverly's style of mentoring... Everything was on point and she kept me from rambling!!


She has boosted my confidence just in the little time we met!!

Finally, I feel like I have a system that I can say, yes, this is me. So simplified!


I can better stand by it when I believe in it wholeheartedly.

Jill James

Jill James Photography

Baltimore, Maryland


Thank you…Thank You…Thank You… Beverly Trainer Williams for changing the way I run my business.


I sure wish I would have known about you years ago! If I had, I would have a lot more money in the bank right now.


After just one session, my average sales have gone from $750 to $2,100.


You pushed me to do what I was a bit apprehensive to do - change my pricing structure to ensure that I make more money with each sale.


To say I was a bit hesitant at first is an understatement, but I listened to what you said and thought to myself…what do I have to lose… I can always go back to my previous method if this doesn’t work.


With each successful session, I have gained more confidence and am a firm believer in the process.


I would highly recommend Beverly to anyone who wants to make more money doing what they love!

Shannon Geary

Crossed Hearts Studio

New Castle, PA


After a break from photography due to health issues and frustration, I decided to give my business one last go. I joined the Senior Year Magazine Facebook group and began reading the advice posted by Beverly Trainer Williams.


I commented on some posts, and Beverly offered to mentor me to help. I knew I needed to make this investment. I knew that my current business model of shoot and burn wasn’t profitable, and had me in the margin of every other mom with a camera proclaiming to be a photographer.


I learned more in one hour working with Beverly than in 10 years going it alone. This should be a mandatory investment for anyone who’s business is in a rut and not showing the profits desired.


I previously was averaging less than $400 sales doing online galleries and ordering. Tonight, I made the leap into In-Person Sales with the support and knowledge I gained from Beverly. I followed every bit of her advice and made a $1250 sale from a mom and dad who swore up and down coming into the reveal that they were only buying a few gift prints.


I can’t thank Beverly enough for her candid advice, encouragement, and friendship!


Beverly, you saved my business and renewed my passion for creating beautiful art.

Carla Jacobson

Carla Jacobson Photography

Novi, Michigan


I recently participated in a mentoring session on pricing/sales with Beverly. Beverly clearly explained not only pricing but the “why” and “how” to make the sale.


From products that sell to the formula for high sales average success, Beverly shared it all. Her manner is so friendly and conversational making my mentoring session truly personal.


I am very confident I will be able to implement this new pricing with the next booked session and increase my sales average dramatically.


If you are struggling with any aspect of your business, Beverly’s mentoring will point you in the direction you need and give you the confidence to take your business to the next level.

Jennifer Joyce

Foto Jenn, Inc

Cedar Rapids, Iowa


I had a one on one mentoring session this am with Beverly Trainer Williams. It was so helpful!


She immediately was able to pinpoint some big flaws in my business and walked me through point by point of how to overcome them.


If you need a business mentor, she should be at the very, very top of your list.


I knew I had some holes that needed to be filled and fixed and she gave me directions and steps to put things in place for success. I can’t recommend her enough!.

The mentoring session was sooooo worth it! I’ll make better business decisions now that I’m armed with better knowledge and make back all the money I spent on my mentoring session with just one paid session fee.

Dawn Fry

Dawn Fry Photo

Austin, Texas


Everyone in this business needs help. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, or if you have been doing this for 6 months or 20 years, we can always benefit from new insight, direction, and encouragement.


If you are lucky enough to know Beverly Williams personally, or even if you only know her from her online presence, you know that she has the biggest heart and truly loves to help people.


The photography industry has exponentially improved and grown thanks to her efforts to educate, encourage, and help in any way she can. She brings to the table an amazing wealth of knowledge, packaged with care, and delivered in a no-nonsense, practical way.


Beverly doesn’t mess around, and it’s a beautiful thing. After a coaching session on social media marketing, and following just a few easy tips she gave me, I have increased my Instagram following by over 300 local high school teens within 3 months time.


My engagement is way up, and I am noticing an increase in the number of inquiries and websites hits I get each week. My pricing and sales averages have been good for the past few years, and I really thought I didn’t need much improvement there.


Beverly graciously shared a few tips on that as well and her techniques have increased my average sale by around $400 since I started implementing them.


Her knowledge and insight into the psychology and strategies of sales and marketing are incredible. I am so thankful for her willingness to help our industry and, one by one, raise the bar for all of us.


She is an asset to anyone lucky enough to be in her presence, and a voice to be listened to. She can help you in any area of your business, and if you believe in yourself and value yourself enough to adhere to her advice and strategies, you have no reason to be anything but successful.

Andrea York

Andrea York Photography

Westfield, Massachusetts

Recently I took advantage of Beverly’s mentoring session. It was truly enlightening. We have been pleased with our business growth until the last few months where we reached a plateau with our IPS. Beverly broke down the psychology and the mathematics of how her pricing strategy works and she asked questions to aid us in setting our pricing based on our specific business model.


This one hour investment of time (and a very reasonable fee) will be a catalyst to move our business forward in 2019 and beyond. Thank you Beverly!


After taking the one-on-one pricing mentoring session with Beverly, we decided to tap into her expertise in the model rep arena.


Again, we were impressed with her depth of knowledge of the senior model rep program (and the senior industry in general). Her practical, no nonsense advice on how to run our own successful model program was extremely helpful.


Thank you Beverly for openly sharing all that you have learned on how to run a successful and profitable senior model rep program!

Randy Daniel

Randy Daniel Photography

Oak Grove, Alabama

I had the pleasure of having a mentoring session with Beverly. Everyone, this is something you MUST do.


Even if you think you're doing everything right, think again! My eyes were opened so many times on where I could improve. I can't even begin to count the ways.


I am so excited to begin implementing the changes and can't wait for more mentoring sessions!

Carol Dunnigan

Carol Dunnigan Photography

Greenly, Colorado



Beverly Williams is the woman!

I have known for a few years now that my prices were not high enough.


Every year I would raise them by $100.00 or so, still knowing that was not where they needed to be. Most of us feel that way, but are too scared to do anything about it. If we raise our prices too high, we are afraid that clients won't come.


Well this year I was finally tired of doing the math. After taking the COGS out and then business taxes, it was a joke. Why even bother working?


The best day in my business life is when Beverly saw a comment that I made in the Senior Year Magazine FB group about wanting to change my business. She reached out to me and told me that she offered mentoring. She kicked me in the butt!


So far I have had 2 clients with my new pricing and my sales have been $1000 - $1500 MORE than any sale that I've ever had!


I expect next year to ROCK!

Thank you so much Beverly for helping me! <3"

Lisa Adams

KDP Kustom Dezigns

Crofton, Kentucky


So glad I finally made time to mentor with Beverly! She shared so much great info that is going to change my business for the best!


I have a new found confidence and am ready to start new pricing/packages and to get my next model team started!!


If you are debating on mentoring with Beverly, stop thinking about it and do it!!


Thank you Beverly for your time and encouragement to make some needed changes!


Araebia Barnhardt

Ms Araebia Photography

Dallas and Central Texas


There's one word for Ms. Beverly --> GENIUS!!!


I believe that God gives many talents & what He has given her is truly an amazing gift to not only help, but serve.


Ms. Beverly is sooo honest and very knowledgeable!!!!


Make sure you get on her calendar if you're struggling in your business!!!!


During our virtual meeting, she kept asking "how can she help me?" Not many people want to actually help. They want to rush your meeting, tell you what they see and then go on to the next person. NOT Ms. Beverly Trainer Williams! From the moment we began conversing, she was such a ray of sunshine yet very informative.


Ms. Beverly’s assistance definitely exceeded my expectations and I can say that with her advice, I am now excited to start booking my "target client" and gaining the financial independence that I desire.


GET ON HER CALENDAR…You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Angie Church

Angie Read Photography

Spring, Texas

While I was in between corporate jobs this past ​summer, I decided to invest some extra time and effort into my photography business. It had been a side job / hobby for about 10 years. While I was always pushing myself to grow and learn, I was still stuck in the "shoot and share" mode!


I decided to have a mentoring session with Beverly to try to understand the IPS perspective. I'd been a single mom for so many years, my mind seemed to be catering to the struggling single mom lifestyle and pocketbook. Beverly convinced me that I need to change my target audience, and start valuing my time more! She was right! 


I changed to IPS, greatly increased my pricing, and added collections to my offering. I just had my first IPS session, which resulted in sale 4X what I would have made had I still been in my former mindset of shoot and share.


Beverly has a no nonsense way of developing a successful pricing strategy, and maximized our time together during our session. I'm grateful to Beverly for opening my eyes to this new financial opportunity!

Jackie Boudreaux

JackLyn Photography

Prairieville, LA


I always struggled with where I needed and should be with my pricing. I never felt right about it,  so I signed up for Beverly's mentoring session on pricing. Her structure and the way she approaches pricing automatically clicked for me. Everything made perfect sense.


Now I don’t struggle with wondering if I am priced too high or too low. I am just where I need to be to make the money that I want.


I have much less stress now and actually enjoy the selling part. Thanks Beverly!

Tim Goates

Tim Goates Photography

Dallas, North Carolina


I had a pricing mentoring session with Beverly to get some help with determining my pricing and packages.   Prior to mentoring with her, my average sale was around 1k. I felt like I was already the most expensive in my immediate area and I was already doing in person sales. Before the mentoring session w her I committed myself to take whatever advice Beverly gave me and do whatever she suggested.  


After her help and suggestions, I adjusted my pricing and packages.  I am happy to say that I just had my first IPS after using her pricing method and it was my biggest sale ever, more than doubling my average sale. 


I’m no different than anyone else. My market is saturated w a bazillion shoot and burn photographers.   


So first, let me say mentoring with Beverly is well worth the investment. She doesn’t hold back and tells it like it is.  If you are struggling and need help with your pricing, you should definitely have a mentoring session w her.  She will help get you going in the right direction.  You also have to be willing to do what she suggests. The greatest wisdom in the world will mean nothing unless you put it into practice.


My mentoring session was more than completely paid for in my first sales session!  I know it will only get better from here.