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About Our Classes For Photographers
All Classes Taught By Beverly Williams - Owner, Senior Year Magazine

Classes are pre-recorded so that you can watch them on your own time, in your own home,

and they are yours to rewatch at any time.  

So there is no need to travel to a conference or convention where you will incur additional expenses of

travel, hotel, meals, etc. .


In these classes, you get EVERYTHING you need to be successful. 

Nothing is left out.  The classes are delivered in an EASY TO UNDERSTAND method. 

Most classes are 2-3 hours each and are yours to keep forever.


If you send me a message on FB, I'll make it simple - we can chat and

I will help you determine which class is best suited for you in your business.

Below is a link to my personal FB page.  Send me a message.


As you take each class, I am here to help you via FB Messenger both before, during and after each class.

We have financing available at 6 months no interest. 

Many photographers sign up for the financing which is done through our partnership

with PayPal.  Here's how it works...I send you an invoice, and when you pay it, click on PayPal Credit. 

PayPal will pay the entire invoice for you. 

Then you have 6 months to pay it back with ZERO INTEREST. 

Most photographers tell me that they made their entire investment back after their first sale.