Our Premier Magazine In Print

In December, we began accepting submissions from photographers for our first print magazine.

The process of narrowing down the images was honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done…or so I thought; until, that is, it came down to actually creating the magazine.  It was tough you guys.  I’m not even kidding.  Let’s just say I learned a lot of lessons.

Image Submissions Process

I heard that some people felt that the process for submitting images was arduous and time consuming.  They didn’t want to have to submit model releases, go to the trouble of naming their images, etc.  

Let me explain why I had you do this…

One of my goals for this magazine was to make it really nice.  Not only did I want to showcase the photographers, but I also wanted to name and give credit to the senior models themselves.  I didn’t just want the magazine to be pictures of seniors without also saying who they are.  If I were a teen and my image made it into a national publication, it would be even more exciting to me if my name were in the publication as well.

So, in as much as it was a pain for you all to submit your models names, the reason for it was because I wanted to name each of them in the magazine.  Additionally, from a legal standpoint, it was important for us to make sure that we had a model release on file for all of the images we feature in the magazine, saying we have permission to publish the images. 

Unfortunately, one of the complications of putting this magazine together was that countless photographers misspelled their models first or last names, spelled names several different ways, left names off altogether, or sent me group images without identifying who the models were. 

This made it tough. 

Featured Photographers

I wanted to showcase as many photographers as possible.   One of my goals for Senior Year Magazine has always been to feature as much talent as possible. 

Each day when I feature images on our Instagram account, I scroll through thousands of images to choose the ones to feature. 

Typically, we feature 5-10 images a day so that we can feature multiple photographers.  There is just so much amazing talent in this industry. 

My goal for the print magazine was also to feature as many photographers and as many amazing images as I could.  While it was absolutely impossible to feature everyone, we did create two volumes to our first print edition and have featured a total of 200 different photographers – some of them you will likely recognize.  Others, you may not.

Let's Talk About The Numbers

As I mentioned, we received nearly 4,000 total image submissions.  It was a numbers game.  While some photographers submitted a large number of images, others submitted only a few.  If you are new to the game of submitting images for magazine publications, keep in mind that it’s a game of odds.  The more amazing images you submit, the higher your chances are of having at least one selected.  The fewer you submit, the fewer images you have in the pool of images that is being considered.

About the Publication:

This week we will likely be leaking a few more details about the contents of the magazine, so stay tuned.  We are currently awaiting our final proof copy to be in our hands which will arrive next week.  As soon as I have it and have looked through it to make sure it’s correct, we will make it available to any of you who want to purchase it.  My hope is that the magazine will be available by next weekend.

Our premier issue is 2 volumes. 

Volume one features studios whose names begin with the letters A- K .  Volume two features studios whose names begin with the letters L-Z.

If your images were featured, we hope that you will notify your model and their parents and will post about it on your social media.  We will be providing each photographer with a social media badge. 

Future Publications

Will I do it again?  Yes, because as tough and as time consuming as it was, I also enjoyed doing it.   Going through thousands of gorgeous images and selecting the ones to appear in our first print magazine was an honor. 

So if you didn't enter your images this time, watch for me to announce our plans for 2019 which includes many more exciting things, 

including another magazine publication. 

And finally, a big thank you to every one of you who submitted images, 

and congratulations to the 200 photographers

whose images will appear in our Premier Editions.   

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