Hello 2021!

We have LOTS of new thing planned at Senior Year Magazine for 2021!

Let me catch you up on a few of those things so you'll know what we're doing.


We now have a Senior Year Magazine Monthly Calendar that we will post in our Private FB group for photographers each month. This calendar will highlight recurring weekly happenings within the group.

2. Some Brand New Classes!

Based on your requests, we are working on some new educational classes! Watch for details. To see a list of our current classes, click below


3. Take The Quiz - Get A FREE Class!

Did You Take The Senior Year Magazine Quiz to see if your business is on track for 2020? Take the quiz and Get The Free Zoom Class. Plus there are bonuses for you at the end of the class!

It's not too late to do it!


4. NEW Senior Year Magazines in 2021!

Shhhhh....it's a secret and we're not quite ready to release the details.

But we can tell you that we will be rolling out 2 Brand New - SPECIAL EDITION magazines this month!

4. More New Social Media Marketing Templates For Photographers

We are planning some brand new Social Media Marketing Templates to help you in your business!

Have you seen our current Marketing Templates and our What To Wear Guide?

5. LIVE video features are coming to our FB Group!

* Ten Minute Tips To Help You In Your Business

6. Blog Monday!

Is Back! So get ready to blog and boost your SEO. We have made some changes to Blog Monday make it even better! Check out our blog post from this past Monday, 2/1 where we give you lots of blog topic suggestions to get you started.


We just tested this and it was very popular so we will be doing more this year on topics to help you.


More to come on a Posing Guide....

9. Selling Saturday

Saturday is now a "Selling Day" in our Senior Year Magazine private FB Group

Clean out your closets and go through your photography equipment. Our first selling Saturday is coming up This Saturday, Feb 6th in our FB group.

You may sell camera and lighting equipment, backdrops, props and items from a style closet.

10. We're coming to Clubhouse!

Are you there and are you following us?

We are @senioryearmag

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