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The work of Jamie Plack Photography can only be described as unique, colorful, and absolutely spontaneous. It’s obvious she puts a lot of care and thought into each individual senior she photographs, making sure their personality is showcased in the most fun, fashionable way possible. I had the opportunity of interviewing Jamie, and I must say I am an even bigger fan of her work now after getting an insight into what makes Jamie Plack the phenomenal photographer that she is.

Sit back and relax as we take a look into the world of Jamie Plack Photography!

1) OK, let’s take this old school...tell me about when you FIRST got involved in photography in general and what happened to make you make the jump into going into it professionally?Also, have you always done seniors from the very beginning of your professional career, or did you specialize in other genres? If so, what else?

I first got involved in photography in high school. I then took a couple photography classes in college as part of my journalism minor and had an internship with a local newspaper. I started working for a family of newspapers including shooting sports and feature photos. This led to people asking for other types of photos--family, seniors, weddings, babies. I dabbled in it all. The weddings, coupled with some life changes, caused me to lose all interest in photography. I sold all of my equipment and retired.

Fast forward 10 years to my nephew, Alex, then a senior in high school. He asked me to take his senior photos. I said no. Not happening. I had no equipment. I hadn’t picked up a camera in forever. Everything was digital now. Finally though, I gave in and rented some equipment. The rest is history. I fell back in love with photography and knew I wanted seniors to be my focus. I just went full time last April. Seniors are about 75 percent of my business with families, headshots and modeling portfolios making up the rest.

2) Tell me about your education in photography. Is it formal as far as you studied photography in college, or is it more informal as being self-taught/conferences/workshops?

It is a mix. Like I mentioned earlier, I had a few classes in high school and college, but many things I have learned on my own along the way.

3) In your opinion, what makes "Jamie Plack Photography" unique?

We all nitpick ourselves and are always our own worst critic, but tell me what you LOVE about your work/unique eye for portraiture.

As a commercial model for many years, I think that gives me the unique ability to help the seniors with posing and feeling comfortable in front of the camera. That is one reason I love shooting seniors as it is the most like a fashion shoot. I also love building their self-confidence and seeing them blossom.

4) What is the biggest piece of advice that you would give someone starting out in the business of photographing seniors?

Look for the light--both for your photos and in your seniors.

5) Editing / Post Processing: How do you define your editing style and what programs or plugins do you like to use if you don't mind sharing? You have a very distinctive color POP to your images that's very eye-catching.

Sometimes I feel like it depends on my mood or the day. I edit in Lightroom, but my goal is always to get it right in camera as much as possible. When I get on a roll though shooting in the moment, sometimes that doesn’t always happen. That pop is a preset from Pretty Presets.

6) When you're shooting for YOU, what types of projects do you typically love to schedule ?

This rarely happens, but if it does, I like it to be a creative, collaborative project with my hair and makeup team. I like it to be something different from a typical senior shoot.

7) When it comes to your valued customers, what do you want them to remember after walking away from your overall experience?

I hope when my clients walk away from their time with me, they remember a personalized, unique, fun experience feeling pampered and like their best self. My assistant is my sister-in-law and we are always joking and having fun.

8) I've asked you to give me some of your favorite photos. Think back to those shoots. There is bound to be something unique about it to make it stick out as one of your favorites. Was there a bit of luck involved where the planets aligned for the perfect environment with your killer skill thrown on top of it where it all came together? Tell me about them and why they're your favorite shots.

Ok picking six favorite photos was utterly impossible. I have changed my picks so many times.

#1.This was my first time using a parachute dress. I love how she looks like she is in a perfume ad running through an alley in Europe not small-town Indiana.

#2. This senior spends a lot of time at the lake, so we incorporated that into a lot of her session. I just love the colors, the light, the reflection, everything.

#3. This is the same senior at the end of the night. It reminds me of the“Wicked Game” video directed by Herb Ritts in the ’80s. I love the texture the sand gives. Plus, give me all black and white.

#4. This senior’s nickname is Waffles, so he suggested shooting part of his session at a waffle house, which I loved! He also is an actor which made for a shoot full of personality. I know I have had seniors put flowers, leaves, hands, etc. over their one eye. Why not waffles too? :)

#5. Again black and white is always timeless. This is a favorite because it was shot at Menard’s (like Lowe’s).

#6. I really don’t make all my seniors get in the water hahaha.I just love the textures of the water, rocks and lace and the clarity of the water.

9) All photography aside for a moment: what is it that drives you? This can be interests outside of photography, family, pets, or a combination of those things or anything else. What makes Jamie Plack...well, Jamie Plack?

My family for sure. My husband and I have 4-year-old IVF twins. It was a long and painful journey to get them here, but they drive all I do.

Image Courtesy of Foreground Studo

Also, during the time when I was “retired,” my mom always tried to get me back shooting. She would talk about my eye and how much she loved my photos, but I wanted nothing to do with it. Now, my mom is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s disease and doesn’t usually remember that I am a photographer again. I wish she could understand and see all I am doing now. I am thankful for her always believing in me.

10)The big question: Where do you see yourself in 5 / 10 years? Do you have any specific goals you would like to share?

1. Learn how to fold my reflector - LOL.

2. I would like to have my own studio space.

3. I also would like to grow and learn more about the business side of photography. As it happens with so many photographers, we are told we take good photos and jump into the business without having much experience on that end.

It was an honor to be able to interview Jamie. She is a huge inspiration for all of those wanting to step up their game in the senior genre, showing that with hard-work and dedication you can create an amazing and lasting senior photography business.

Make sure to go follow her on Instagram @jamieplackphotography!

Her profile is such an inspiration! Thanks so much Jamie!

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