Style Closets...Style Racks...

If you're a high school senior photographer, you have likely heard a lot of buzz about Style Racks and Style Closets.  They can be an amazing way to make your business stand out against the competition.  

What is a Style Rack / Style Closet?

It's simply a rack of stylish clothing that you have to offer your seniors.  It's great to have anywhere from a few stylish pieces to a closet full of clothing on hand for your client's sessions.  

If you're like most high school senior photographers, your clients are all different.  Some come to their sessions with amazingly styled outfits.  It's so exciting when this happens. 

However, other clients arrive with a pair of jean shorts and a couple of casual shirts and you secretly wish you could style them in a couple of really amazing outfits to go along with what they brought.  

Now you can!  A style rack or style close enables you to do exactly this.




If you find something you like, you will be purchasing it directly through 

Returns and exchanges are done directly through Amazon as well. 

Here you will find items on Amazon that we have hand selected for high school senior photographers.  We have many of these items in our style closet and many of them are on our wish list to purchase in the future.

1.  Start small.  Get just a few items to begin with.  Hats, one size dresses, floral crowns, bracelets, and necklaces are a few pieces that can be added as layers to an existing outfit. 


2.  Add to your style rack whenever you are ready. Come back here, click the link below, and shop for more things when you're ready. 

3.  We've done all the work!  Our amazon store is grouped into categories for you to make shopping easy!  

4.  We even have camera and photography related items.

5.  Be sure to visit our "FAVORITES" category - it's a good place to start if you're just beginning your style rack.  You'll even find some great rolling racks here that you can use to hang your clothing on.

So what are you waiting for?  Check it out and see what you like.