The Best of 2020 - PRINT MAGAZINE



Submissions Begin:

Sunday,  11/1  12:01 am Eastern

Submission Deadline:

Sunday,  11/22 – 11:59 PM  Pacific Time


Magazine Publish Date:

On or before Jan 1




Magazine Theme:


All seasons accepted – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter




You may submit images of Class of 2020, 2021 and Rising 2022 only

Color or Black and White

Full Res Images – No Logo

Crop size does not matter, although we prefer 8x10 or 5x7 crops


What Kinds Of Images Are We Looking For…

Studio, On Location, Individuals, Groups, Color, Black and White, Natural Light, OCF, anything goes.

We LOVE COLOR – bright, gorgeous colors with great lighting and posing always catch our eye.

YES!  We definitely consider posing and lighting. 




There is always a small fee to submit images for our magazines.  However, the more images you submit, the less the fees are. 


This is a contest.  Submission of images does not guarantee placement in the magazine.


Why do we charge to submit?   If we didn’t, we could possibly receive literally hundreds of thousands of images and it would be impossible to manage. 


If you have never submitted to our print magazine, you should.  See more tips below…




Our Print Magazine and Our Instagram Account are totally separate. Many people who make our print magazine have never been featured on our instagram account.


I believe it may actually be EASIER to be featured in our Print Magazines and it’s WAY COOLER to be able to say you’ve been Nationally or Internationally PUBLISHED



You may submit as few as 5 images, and there is no limit as to how many you may submit.

How many images do photographers normally submit? 

Anywhere between 5 to over 100. 

Most submit around 25-30, some do more, some do less. 

Think about it…the more images you submit, the better your chances of getting in the magazine. 






  1. Create a folder on your computer – name the folder as follows    ---   NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS

  2. Begin going through your images NOW.  Each day, chose some of your favorite images from each session that you want to submit.  Put your FAVORITE images into this folder.  DO NOT OVER THINK THIS!  If you LOVE the images throw them into the folder.  Simple--

  3. Once you have put all of your favorite images into the folder, look at how many you have and determine how many you want to submit. 

  4. Again, most people submit their favorite 25-125 images, but some do less than that.

DO NOT OVERTHINK the images you choose.  Overthinking can be crippling.  Go with your gut.  If you love the image, put it in the folder.


TIP - Put different images from as many different sessions as you’d like into your folder.  The more images you submit, the better your chance of having images selected. 




Model Release Form Is Now Available As a form that can be signed digitally 

a. Go to www.

b.  Create your own jotform account  

c.  Make sure you are signed in to your account

d.  Go to "templates"  - Then search "SYM MODEL RELEASE"

e.  Use this template.  Change the name at the top to your studio name.  Save the template as one of your own forms.

f.  Send it to the parents and give them 24 hours to submit it 

  1. TEXT PARENTS - Text message or call the parent and let them know that you are sending them a model release form. 
  2. Most people find that they get the quickest response from parents if they text them, call them, or send them a message on FB (if they are friends).  Many people get so many emails these days that they just don’t open them, so do what you know will be the best way to get in touch with parents.

  3. Tell parents you are submitting images for a magazine competition and that you have chosen some images of their teen to submit to the contest.

  4. Tell them you will need them to fill out a quick model release form so that if any of their images are chosen, we will have their permission to put them in the magazine. Parents are always excited about this. 

  5. A PARENT AND THE TEEN BOTH NEED TO SIGN.  Ask them to read it, sign it and return it to you within 24-48  hours.  You WANT to give them no more than 2 days to do this or they will forget.  The parent and the teen both need to sign regardless of the age of the teen.




a.  You will need a dropbox account.  If you do not have dropbox, you can get an account at

b.  Name each of the images your are submitting as follows:

studio name - model first and last name - #1

studio name - model first and last name - #2

studio name - model first and last name - #3   etc......


c.  Once your images are named, put them into your dropbox folder

d.  As parents begin submitting the model release forms to you, save each individual form to your computer and name the model release form with your studio name - model first and last name.

Then put the model release forms forms into the same dropbox folder along with your images.

e.  NAME YOUR FOLDER  0 Put all images you are submitting along with all model release forms, into one dropbox folder. Name the dropbox folder with YOUR STUDIO NAME


f.  Get a LINK to share your dropbox folder.  Copy the link and paste the link into the submission form where it asks for your dropbox folder link.




Why Should You Consider Submitting Images for Our Print Magazines…

1.  Wow there are so many reasons!  People who do it are often shocked  and message me saying “OH MY GOSH!  I had no idea I would get in!”.  You guys all create some of the most amazing work I have ever seen.  Every Thursday I am blown away at the images. I RARELY comment on them because then I run the risk of not commenting on some because I missed them, so I would rather just enjoy them and not comment.  But let me tell you..they are amazing.


2.  There is something very satisfying and very exciting about having your work “professionally published” nationally/internationally.  It’s a huge boost to your self-confidence and to that of your client(s) who were published.


3.  Being published in the magazine is one more way you can market and promote your business and you can do it in so many ways.  When a client or potential client sees that you have been published, it gives you more credibility.  Your clients who are published are excited.  Their parents are elated.  There are limitless marketing opportunities to use the magazine to your advantage. We talk more about this in the group after each publication is out.