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TIP #1
Hashtag Us

In order to be featured on our Senior Year Magazine INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT you must hashtag your images so that we will see them.  You should hash tag #senioryearmagazine.
At the present time, we are hash tagged in over 700,000 images on our Senior Year Magazine account and that number increases by approximately 1,000 - 2,000 per week.  
If you do not hashtag us in your images, we will not see your images and won't be able to feature you.​

TIP #2
Post Often 

Post often and hashtag us, so that we will see your images and they won't get lost among all the others.. The more often you post and hash tag us, the more likely we are to see your images.  

TIP #3
Image Quality

Great colors, styles, lighting and posing are all things that we look for in choosing images.
How Often Do We Feature New - Never Before Featured Photographers?
Often!  Usually MULTIPLE times per week and often per DAY

Below is a link to all three of our instagram featuring accounts:
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