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Responses to 28 of the Most Frequently Asked, And Difficult To Answer Questions About Senior Pictures


Email templates that include 28 of the most frequently asked and difficult to answer questions that Parent Of High School Seniors may ask.


People will often ask questions that put you on the spot and you panic because you're not sure how to answer them so that they will book with you.  No matter what question is asked, HOW you respond with your answer can either seal the deal, resulting in your booking a session or it can break the deal and the parent won't book.


These responses have been carefully crafted for you to make your life easier. You can copy/paste these responses into texts and emails or you can use them as Reference Sheets when you get questions from parents, over the phone. 

These responses will save you time and headaches of trying to figure how how to respond to your clients.  We have done it all for you!

Here's What's included:
INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF of the following topics:

1.  BAD WEATHER - What do we do if the weather is supposed to be bad on our session date?

2.  BRINGING SIBLINGS - I have three younger children. Is it okay if I bring them to my high school senior's photo session? 

3. BRINGING THE ENTIRE FAMILY- Is it okay for our family to attend  my high school senior's photo session so that we can jump in for a few shots of the family?

4.  BRINGING GRANDPARENTS - Is it okay to bring the grandparents to the viewing and ordering appointment?

5.  COVID - I hear that covid is on the rise again. How do I know that we will be safe during the photo session? What precautions do you take?

6.  DIGITALS - Can we get the digitals?

7.  HAIR AND MAKEUP - What about hair and makeup?  How does this work?  Do we have to have it?

8.  HOW DO SENIOR PICTURES  WORK?- This is my first senior. How does it all work? I need a full rundown from beginning to end.


10. HOW LONG DOES THE SESSION TAKE? - My senior is not excited about doing senior pictures. How long is this going to take?

11.  ILLNESS - What happens if my senior is sick on the date of our session?

12.  LOCATIONS - My senior wants you to do the senior pictures but we have idea about where to do them. How do you decide where to go?

13.  LOCATION REQUESTS- We have a specific location we want to go to for senior pictures. is that ok?

14.  MY SENIOR IS BUSY - What if they get called into work on the date of their session?

15.  PACKAGES - What comes in your packages?

16.  PARENT ATTENDING SESSION - I am a very busy parent and I work full time. Do I have to come to the session with my senior or can they come by themselves or with a friend?

17.  PARENT DOESN'T WANT MANY PICTURES - My Senior really wants senior pictures, but she and her friends take pictures with their phones all the time.  So what is your smallest package?

18.  PARENTS DIVORCED AND DOESN'T WANT SPOUSE TO HAVE ACCESS TO PURCHASE IMAGES - I am divorced. I do not want my ex-spouse to be able to purchase any of these pictures.  What will you do if they contact you?

19. PARENTS DIVORCED BUT GET ALONG -  I am divorced but my ex and I get along well.  Can we both come to the viewing and ordering appointment together?

20.  PAYMENTS - We love all the pictures.  Do you take payments?

21.  PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE - My senior wants you to do their pictures. They like a specific style that they have seen on pinterest. Can you do that?

22.  RESPONDING TO A PHONE INQUIRY ABOUT SESSION COST - So exactly how much is this going to cost me?

23.  RESPONDING TO EMAIL INQUIRY ABOUT SESSION COST -  How much are senior pictures?

24. SESSION FEE - Is your Session Fee Refundable?

25. SPOUSE WORKS A LOT - My spouse works a lot and probably can't come to the viewing and ordering appointment, but they want to see the pictures. What do we do?

26.  WHAT TO WEAR - My senior likes a really plain style but I want them to dress up and bring nicer outfits. What should we do?

27. WHY SHOULD WE BOOK YOU? (Your response to this question will be to tell them about perks and benefits and is the perfect time to talk about Senior Reps)

28.  YEARBOOK IMAGE - Can you do the yearbook image?

*Due to the nature of digital products, the purchase of digital downloads is not refundable, returnable or exchangeable.


Beverly Williams

Senior Year Magazine



Copy/Paste Responses To 28 Of The Toughest Questions About Senior Pictures

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