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High School Senior Photographer - Mindy Methven, talks about our business classes

Mindy Methven, High School Senior Photographer Headshot
High School Senior Photographer


"Tell us about how The Senior Year Magazine Business Classes have helped your business."


" 1. Pricing Class- HOLY COW - I can't say enough about this! I was scared to raise my prices so much so I did it a little at a time.

After quickly learning that people WILL spend 'that much' on quality images, prints & products, my fear was gone. I'm finally where I should have been all along."

Mindy: My favorite classes were the Pricing & Model Rep classes . . . That's not to say the others weren't good - It's just that I personally got the most out of these classes.

High School Senior Girl Track Runner
High School Senior Girl Sportrait

High School Senior Girl Portrait With Pink Roses
High School Female Senior Portrait

As a high school senior photographer, do yourself a favor - LISTEN TO BEVERLY! Nobody else cares as much, is willing to teach for the prices she offers, and nobody will ever DO as much as she will for other photographers!

I took other classes and never learned as much as I did with Beverly. I cannot recommend her classes enough!

2. Model Rep Class - I didn't have a model rep program for my business, and with my own kids quickly exiting the high school scene I knew I needed help.

This class taught me everything I needed to know and I now run a very easy, very successful rep program for my high school senior photography business. Each year, I have girls that want to be a part of my team and they do a fantastic job advertising for me.

High School Senior Model Reps At A Boho Photo Session
Senior Model Rep Team

Mindy Methven

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