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Meet Photographer - Traci Sproule

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - Serving Jupiter and West Palm Beach

"As a photographer, I suffered so much from impostor syndrome and not knowing how to price properly. I doubled my sales in the first year after implementing Beverly’s pricing system and I didn’t even start the new system until halfway through the year. More importantly, I feel confident in my business, I don’t compare myself negatively to other photographers anymore and I feel really good about what my clients are getting."

"So far, I have taken the following classes from Beverly: Fear, Pricing, Marketing, Model Rep, In Person Sales, Workflow and Organization. I’m so very thankful for the changes I’ve been able to make to my business as a result of these classes, and Beverly’s genuine focus on the individual mentoring. I felt as though she truly was interested in me personally and I appreciated her willingness to encourage and educate."

Take a look at some of Traci's senior images. We are very proud of her and how she has transformed her business.

Look at this new series of images she created recently on The Wizard Of Oz.

If you are a photographer who has taken our business classes and you would like to tell your story, click below so that we can feature you and your work

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