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Meet Colorado Photographer - Carol Dunnigan

SENIOR YEAR MAGAZINE - "Carol, tell us a little bit about yourself and your photography business."

CAROL: "I've been married 35 years. We have our first grandson who just turned two this month. I love camping, hiking, reading, and spending time with family!

I started my photography business as a shoot and burn, on location, on camera flash, photographer in 2009 with family and friends.

We moved to Colorado in 2012 where I continued to be a shoot and burn, on location photographer. I was GIVING my clients a CD with approximately 40 images for only $250.00!

I'm now using a collections model and my averages orders are $2,550.00. I am considering going back to create your own collection. My business is 100% successful because of the pricing class that I took with Beverly Williams! She gave me the confidence to raise my pricing, even when I didn't have it. People did come!



"Thinking back on your business, what are some things you have been afraid of but have conquered and how did you conquer them?"

CAROL: "I've conquered my fear of pricing and my fear of photographer saturation in my area. Thanks to Beverly, I've conquered my fear of pricing and have raised them each year. I know that there are a ton of photographers in my area, but I choose not to look for them - to not compare myself to them or look at their pricing."

"I have people ask me if I know such and such photographer, and I can genuinely say that no I don't. I can only name two photographers within a 50 mile radius. I have my own style and don't copy anyone else."



"What Type Of Equipment Are You Using?"

CAROL: "I'm using Godox OCF (Off Camera Flash) approximately 95% off the time. I just think that OCF gives more vibrance to my images. I'm currently doing Virtual IPS because of my living situation, but 100% want to get back into in person ASAP.

I'm still an on location photographer, but I do photograph my model reps in my basement studio where I have wood flooring set up, a backdrop stand with several backdrops to choose from, a 36x48 soft box with a Godox AD400 Pro, and two 1x5 strip boxes with Godox AD200's. "



"What is one of the biggest obstacle you have overcome in your business. *If you were just starting your business today, what is one thing you wish you had known then that you do know now? What would you say is the key to success"

CAROL: "The biggest obstacle for photographers just starting out is pricing. You need to start charging clients, even if you don't think that you're good enough yet. You will get there! The key to helping your photography business is practice and education!

Besides Beverly's class, there are many wonderful small workshops to larger conferences. SYNC is a fantastic conference, that's small enough that you get to know people, yet not too large that you feel lost."

Carol Dunnigan Photography

Ault, Colorado

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