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Rebecca Methven - Class of 2022

I always knew that my daughter's senior portraits would turn out amazing.

She's been my model - my muse - for years and every shoot with her gets better and better. I wasn't prepared for this session though.

We were in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania not far from where her dad and I grew up so I think that added to the emotional aspect of these photos.

Of all the photos I've taken of her over the years and even just this year for her Senior Portraits, these are the ones that truly highlighted who "she" is. THIS is my daughter, Becca!

The shots by "The Terminal" also have an incredible amount of history to them. Her great grandfather used to go there every week to pick up fresh produce to sell out of his truck throughout the week.

Her dad used to go and help him from time to time. It's no longer the warehouse it used to be, but a beautiful place to walk and shop. This is the "strip district" in Pittsburgh.

Mindy Methven

M Photography

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

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