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Joseph Foreman - Class of 2022 Senior

Author: Dallas McNeal

Dallas McNeal Photography

Rockwall, Texas

I was blessed to photograph this Senior whom I've know since he was in the 1st grade. What is extra special for this particular photo session is that he is a cool guy who asks very little from anyone.

He is one of 10 kids (number 8 of the bunch) and he loves to be at the lake in the water. When I first asked him what he would like to do for his session, I got the usual guy response -- a shrug of the shoulders.

After a few days he asked if I could photograph him on the lake - "Sure!" I said!

I have never done a photo shoot on the back of a moving boat, but I had faith that I could figure it out so, with my husband in tow with a brand new strobe (never used it before) and figuring out the lighting while in the boat, we made it happen Captain!!

Everyone loves his photos and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to photograph this cool young man.

Dallas McNeal

Dallas McNeal Photography

Rockwall, Texas

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