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Tori Anderson - Class of 2022

Author: Dallas McNeal

Dallas McNeal Photography

Rockwall, Texas

I was blessed to be chosen by The Anderson Family to do their family portraits and their daughter's, senior portraits. Tori and her family are new to the area and she is starting at a new school in her senior year.

When I asked her questions of what types of hobbies or extra-curricular activities she likes, she mentioned that she is on the swim team. I had an idea that I wanted to create that would feature her love of being in the water.

After her initial session to create her regular senior portraits, I asked if I could do something special for her that I thought would make a memorable photograph, and she agreed.

Next we began to make my idea of having her in the water came to life. I styled the shoot, did her make up, bought a $10 fish tank for my camera, and borrowed a friend's pool for the afternoon.

The photographs speak for themselves and I am truly thankful that Tori and her family trusted me to create a unique and special senior for her.

Dallas McNeal

Dallas McNeal Photography

Rockwall, Texas

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